Jasmine’s daughter was distraught when she found out she would be in a cast for at least a month. That was, until they looked into ActivArmorTM. The product has allowed this little girl to continue her active lifestyle, doing things such as swimming and even light gymnastics conditioning all while in a cast. “Before ActivArmor, she kept reinjuring and had to put on the old fiberglass cast that wouldn’t allow her to do anything.”- Jasmine “This was our first try with ActivArmor at Gulf Coast Limb and Brace. Dr Alvarez was amazed to see she had no pain and that she was almost completely healed!”


Jasmine raves that her daughter “loves her ActivArmor cast.”

With ActivArmor, Jasmine’s daughter has been able to do things she loves such as ride her bike, go swimming, ride her four wheeler and even start light conditioning for gymnastics.


“Thank you so much for this amazing product!”- Jasmine

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