ActivArmorTM launches a lower cost, self-fit transparent facemask option!

Pueblo, CO – May 25, 2020 –ActivArmor is stepping up to fill the need and keep individuals safe and protected in a quicker, more affordable way. ActivArmor’s facemasks are now available in two options: Custom Designed (formed to your unique features, utilizing 3D body imaging software) or Standard Size Self-Fit. The Standard Size version will use a template to determine initial size and can be form fitted to one’s face at home. Both versions will have the ability to achieve the best possible seal around the face to block out airborne particulates and address exposure risk experienced with many masks currently in use. The masks are hygienic, washable, re-usable and filter on both the exhale and inhale.

Facemask Details:

  • Transparent: Designed for visibility of the healthcare worker’s lips while speaking, to ensure full patient/provider communication when voice may be muffled inside the mask.
  •  Comfortable: Custom formed to each individual’s face instead of traditional masks that seal by pressure on the mask, that can cause pressure bruising on healthcare workers during long shifts
  • Lightweight: Only 0.5 mm thick, to maximize visibility and reduce headaches/neck strain on healthcare workers
  • Low-profile: Custom fit to face shape to eliminate interference in care by bulky, awkward masks
  • Adjustable: Easily re-moldable as needed for seal or comfort
  • Reusable: Durable and washable for safe re-use with long-lasting, reusable, replaceable filters
  • Utilizes patented POWERGUARDTM filter material, receiving an 98.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) testscore.

ActivArmorTM is a Colorado-based company that provides a hygienic, waterproof alternative to traditional casting and splinting through 3D printing. Their casting solutions are used by hospitals and orthopedic clinics across the country, allowing those with injuries requiring immobilization to continue to swim, bathe, shower and wash their hands while healing. Providers replace casting inventory and labor with a 30-second scan – and a custom-designed and fabricated device is delivered in 3-4 business days, eliminating the need for all future casting/splinting for the patient throughout their healing phases. ActivArmor casts can be locked-on or removable, thick or thin, custom coverage areas, and adaptable for use with advanced healing technologies like ultrasound bone stimulators. Patients advertise for the providing clinic with free logos on every device. ActivArmor devices are covered by insurance including Medicaid and Medicare (call specific clinics for coverage details). ActivArmor orthoses are being prescribed by medical providers for treatment of acute injuries like breaks and sprains, and for chronic conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in clinics across the country.


Contact: Diana Hall
317 N. Main St., 2NE, Pueblo, CO 81003 (800) 583-6690


After creating custom made, printed molds to fit individuals across the country fighting to keep away covid-19, ActivArmor has created a second line of standardized masks that are sold at a lower price point, allowing for a more cost efficient, affordable product!

There are several different size options to chose from in order to better fit your facial structure, ensuring a safe and sealed mask for wear.

These unique facemasks offer the following benefits:

  • 98.9-99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency
  • Transparency for visibility of healthcare worker’s lips to ensure full patient/provider communication
  • Reusable and washable
  • Lightweight and low-profile
  • Self Fitting- to ensure the mask molds to your individual face shape.

ActivArmor facemasks are available now at