James Cowan is a physical therapist and the CEO of CompletePT in Los Angeles – where Founder and celebrity trainer, Linda Huey, has crosstrained and rehabilitated elite athletes and entertainers, including: Emeka Okafor, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Carl Lewis, Barbra Streisand, Ben Stiller, Paula Abdul, Cybill Shepherd, Sinbad, Elliott Gould, the UCLA Track and Field Team, and the Chicago White Sox.


James not only provides his patients with the best traditional physical therapy, but also adds pool therapy and aquatic exercise.  Traditional masks would get soggy and inhibit breathing while he assists his patients, so he ordered an ActivArmor mask!

“I have been wearing it in the pool as I assist a quadriplegic we are treating. It’s perfect, no moisture build up and doesn’t get wet if a few drips hit it.”

His ActivArmor mask also allows CompletePT patients to see his lips while speaking, which improves communication and comfort with clients.James is able to stay safe and protected while providing his patients with the best possible care in ActivArmor.

ActivArmor facemasks are transparent, washable and reusable – great for service and healthcare workers.  Order yours today at www.ActivArmor.com.