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“Our family is thankful that ActivArmor gave something back to her in 2020!”

“This is my daughter Claire. She is an extremely social and active 12 years old. After an incredibly disappointing start to 2020 (with COVID-19 cancelling school, her birthday party, Spring Break, the travel soccer season and limiting the amount of time she got to spend with friends), Claire was extremely excited to get back outside with her teammates and begin their travel soccer routine this fall. However, early in the season she suffered a radial head fracture and believed that her fall soccer season would also be taken from her due to her injury.”

-Sara Huntzinger (Claire’s Mom)

“After consulting with Dr. Kile Carter of Central Indiana Orthopedics, Dr. Carter and his team fitted Claire with an ActivArmor device so that she could return to the field quickly and get back to doing what she loves. She was able to return to soccer training and weekend tournaments quickly.”

When it all comes down to it, athletes want to play. The best sports medicine providers know when to utilize modern medical devices like ActivArmor to make that happen.


Approved by professional athletics associations, ActivArmor is a game changer.


Claire’s long-arm cast will be able to transition into a short-arm cast and then into a removable wrist splint when the time is right.  This adaptability throughout the healing phases will save Claire’s family both time and money!


Continue your active lifestyle while healing!


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