ActivArmorTM, the first commercial 3D-printed casts, launches second clinic
at Children’s Hospital Colorado’s North Campus in Broomfield

Pueblo, Colo. – Nov. 30, 2020 – Biomedical startup ActivArmorTM continues to bring its revolutionary immobilization technology to even more pediatric patients across the Colorado Front Range. ActivArmor announced today that it has expanded services to Children’s Hospital Colorado’s North Campus in Broomfield.

The high-tech casts are completely custom – precisely fitting to each patient using a 3D body scan, and designed per their doctor’s prescription, including the ability to expose post-surgical hardware or incisions, and adaptable for use with ultrasound and other advanced technologies.

“ActivArmor’s casts are a great alternative for kids, with their active lifestyles. Kids can swim, bathe, and shower like normal in them.  They don’t get soggy or smell,” says Diana Hall, ActivArmor president. “They don’t trap dirt, viruses or bacteria against the skin… and allow kids to stay safe by practicing basic hygiene like washing their hands, which is critical during COVID-19.”

ActivArmor compliments Children’s Hospital Colorado’s mission to improve the health of children through the highest quality patient care, and their vision of reimagining and realizing child health solutions.

“It’s an honor to expand our services with Children’s Hospital Colorado to help improve the quality of life of kids with injuries and conditions requiring immobilization,” says Hall. “It is a crucial time be able to keep kids safe by providing them with a sanitized cast that is made just for them and their unique medical needs and active lifestyles.”

ActivArmor is currently available by prescription through the clinics listed on their website ( and covered by most insurance. ActivArmor orthoses are being prescribed for injuries like breaks, sprains, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, through clinics across the country, like Ft Worth Physical Therapy, Alpine Orthopedics, Jacksonville Orthopedics, Regional Orthopedics, NorthEast Orthopedics, and Central Indiana Orthopedics.



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