“ActivArmor has given me my life back. As a young adult who loves to paint and write on his free time, while working two jobs as a machinist and accountant 5 days a week, it was hard to live with nerve damage and arthritis in my hands and thumbs.”

“A few months ago my pain got so bad that I was no longer able to paint, nor write. My hands shook and I couldn’t grab a brush nor pencil. I would wake up in terrible pain and it made me start to fall into a deep depression.”

“I went back to ActivArmor as a repeat client and they made me thumb spica casts for both my hands. I love them, I’m able to sleep full nights again.”

“I’m able to work an entire day with minimal pain which is great but the best part is that, I’m able to once again paint and write. I’m able to do what I love without stopping and though I’m immobilized, I feel great, and my mental health is great because I’m doing what brings me zen every day. “

“It’s even helping me keep correct hand posture which is just a huge bonus!”

“Diana is such a great woman and her staff was just as amazing and helpful.  Love the team there at ActivArmor and hope to see them take over medical field one day with their great innovations and ideas!”

– Andrew L.