Dr. David A. Grundy, an Emergency Medicine Doctor is Able to Continue Seeing Patients Thanks to the Innovative Design of ActivArmor™.

“Due to the nature of my injury and the required treatment plan, ActivArmor has literally saved my job.”

Dr. Grundy is an experienced emergency medicine physician who sees multiple COVID-19 patients per day. It is imperative that he is able to wear proper PPE during examinations and ActivArmor allows him to do so. Traditional casts would not only prevent proper PPE from being used but also stop Dr. Grundy’s ability to wash and/or sanitize between patients, putting their health at risk. Losing this ability as a physician would prove to be a “professionally and financially devastating situation”.

“In the COVID-19 era, a traditional fiberglass cast would have been an unacceptably dangerous fomite”

“I can get an XL exam or surgical glove on over it, and (critically important) I can easily clean it with soap and water and a final rinse of 70% alcohol.”

Not only can ActivArmor provide the unique ability to continue work in a field where traditional casts are not acceptable, but it can allow those who use it to continue participating in outdoor activities without the worry of maintaining a dry cast.