It’s time for that summer vacation. Everything is planned and you are just days away from leaving on a week long journey filled with sun, sand and waves. Out of nowhere, boom. It happened in a fraction of a second. You had an accident and broke your wrist. You go to the emergency room and they put you in a plaster splint or a cast. Let’s say they put you in a splint. First off, they are bulky. It is a bunch of cotton padding with a splint made of plaster of Paris with some type of overwrap. You definitely cannot get them wet. That would lead to skin irritation, skin breakdown and even the possibility of an infection. You will need to cover the splint with something to keep it dry just so you can take a bath/shower.

Next, you will have to deal with the itching. That cotton padding on top of the skin makes it itch. You can’t get to the area the itches to scratch it. Let’s say they put you in a fiberglass cast. You will more than likely have a stockinette on your arm with cotton padding over that with a final layer of cast tape. Now you have a hard, rough outer shell with the same problems. You can’t get them wet nor can you scratch. Now those problems are solved with ActivArmor. A 3D printed cast with an open design, that is waterproof, functional and colorful.

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