If you have been one of those unlucky people that have had to wear either a cast or splint, then you can relate to this post. You break a bone and your doctor puts you in a cast/splint. You typically will have to wear it around 6-12 weeks, depending on how fast it heals. After a few weeks of wearing your cast, you start to notice something odiferous coming from your cast. The typical stinky cast or as some people call it, cast rot. That odor is produce from the moisture that is inside of your cast. The moisture either came from your arm/leg sweating or somehow you got water in it. Once you get moisture in your cast, the only true way to definitively get rid of the smell is to have the cast/splint replaced. That means a visit to your doctor and having to have your old cast removed and a new one put on. Now you have even more charges from the visit and for the new cast. Since it is the hottest of summer, trying to keep it dry is a chore within itself. There is good news. There is a cast on the market that is waterproof, so it doesn’t matter how wet you get it. Easy to dry, sanitizable, colorful and fun to wear. You will be the envy of everyone you see. Check us out at www.ActivArmor.com to see how you can get one today, call us at 1-800-583-6690 or email us at info@ActivArmor.com. Your device will be shipped to you within 3-4 business.

August 30, 2021