Having trouble with the iPhone scanning process? Below is a step by step guide to help.

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the ActivArmor app on an iPhone X or newer
  2. If you are looking into ActivArmor for a chronic condition such as carpal tunnel or arthritis you can skip to step 4. 
  3. Fractures or other acute injuries require you to have a prescription. We have physician fliers that contain a prescription form available for your doctor to fill out. Click here for the flier: Physician Flier
  4. Place your order on our order page: Order Here
  5. Its time to scan!
    • We recommend watching the scanning tutorial first, located above.
    • You will need someone to perform your scan for you. Have them practice at least 10 times to get used to the process.
    • Your iPhone will scan using the front facing camera, and it takes practice to view the screen through the entire scan. That is why we recommend 10 practice scans.
    • One of the most important parts of this scanning process is taking accurate measurements to submit. Attached below is a printable tape measure if you do not have one at home. This sheet also contains important information about how to take accurate measurements using a washable marker and the tape measure. So please read through all of it to ensure your cast fits perfectly.
      • How tight the tape measure is around your skin will determine how tight or loose the cast will be in those areas, so measure to a tightness that is comfortable for you!
    • Before you are ready to scan you will want the arm you are scanning to be resting on an object to help keep it stable, like the back of a chair.
      • Position the wrist and fingers how they are to be immobilized in the cast and keep this position throughout the scan.
    • Once you are ready to begin the scan, you want to make sure the phone is placed 12 inches away from the arm directly above it in the 12 o’clock position.
      • Now you may press the start button in the app and begin scanning
      • As you slowly rotate the phone around the arm make sure you see that the arm is turning from red to full color
        • This shows that the camera is getting good coverage of the arm.
      • Once you reach the bottom pause while you switch hands to continue the scan without creating a seam, or a ridge, in the arm scan.
      • You may need to slightly tilt or move the phone towards you to properly capture the thumb webbing or fingers. 
      • When you reach the top again keep the phone steady while you press the stop button.
    • Now you may inspect your scan in the app and look for any defects. Common defects we see are:
      • Incomplete or oddly shaped fingers from patient movement during the scan.
      • Thumb webbing between the index finger and the thumb needs to be visible in the scan.
      • Scan does not include the full length of arm down to the intended end of cast. 
      • Lines that were drawn on the arm are not visible or do not connect in the scan.
        • Good lighting helps the lines stay visible all the way around the scan. Choosing a high contrast colored marker is also a good idea.
        • Horizontal movement will cause the lines to become uneven or misshapen.
      • Objects other than the arm are picked up in the scan.
    • If you have any of these defects that will interfere with the cast design you will need to rescan. 
  6. Once you have a good clean scan you may submit it to us using the web order number. Make sure to also enter the palm, wrist, forearm, and finger measurements (if casting fingers) in millimeters. The more precise the better the fit!

Below you will find our tape measure, physician flier, and the link to our order page. Thank you for choosing ActivArmor!

Click here for the Cast Order Page: Order Here

Click here for the Physician Flier and Rx: Physician Flier

Click here for the Tape Measure and Drawing Guide: ActivArmor_Printable_Tape_Measure