What exactly is carpal tunnel syndrome?  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that causes pain, numbness or tingling in your fingers.  Those symptoms are caused by pressure that is placed on your median nerve.  Your median nerve sits in a tunnel, that runs from the forearm into the wrist, with multiple tendons.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by swelling that compresses or pinches the nerve.  Just by simply bending your wrist, puts pressure on that nerve which exacerbates your symptoms.  If you are experiencing these problems, follow up with your physician to see what is causing the problem.  Per the American Academy of Family Physicians, approximately 3-6% of adults suffer from this condition.  They also state that over 50% of those affected have the problem in both of their hands.  It all depends on the severity of the condition as to how they are going to treat it.  In most cases, they treat the problem with splinting.  The immobilization or splinting keeps the wrist immobilized which keeps pressure off of the nerve.  So what where does ActivArmor come in to play with carpal tunnel syndrome?  ActivArmor has the ability to make a custom fit splint for your carpal tunnel syndrome and on top of that, our splints are comfortable, waterproof and easily removable. Check out this article at https://activarmor.com/2018/08/11/activarmor-and-carpal-tunnel-syndrome/. Get yours today at https://cast.activarmor.com/product/casts/.