You may have seen this product on Google, on a patient or even on the news. What exactly is ActivArmor and what is the background behind it? ActivArmor is a 3D printed cast that is made from recyclable ABS plastic. The concept was inspired by CEO Diana Hall when she was running a mentoring program for children in poverty. She saw children in casts that weren’t even able to wash their hands. She said “I knew that the technology was there to provide a better, more hygienic, more comfortable solution to traditional casting, so I looked into why it wasn’t available to the general public. I addressed the design, regulatory and business process issues, and brought 3D printed casts/splints to the U.S. consumer marketplace. They are now being provided in clinics across the country”. How does someone get an ActivArmor cast? The patient will get a prescription for our device from their physician. They will then go to our website and purchase the appropriate device. The cast is made from a 3D scan. The scan is performed using a white-light body imaging scanner or even using an Apple iPhone 10 or newer. The scan can be done in one of our clinics or using the iPhone scanning app. Once the scan has been performed, the images are uploaded to our design team who uses the scan to create a unique 3D designed cast that custom fits each individual patient. The final design will then be sent to the manufacturing team. The manufacturing team then uploads the information and the product will then be printed on our 3D printer. The product will then go through a finishing process for completion. The cast is then shipped the patient with a total turn around time of 3-4 business days. If you are in need of one of our casts or have questions, please visit us at, email us at or call us at 1-800-583-6690.