ActivArmor is excited to announce a new product! This new walking boot is custom designed to the patient’s needs. This product is waterproof; which means patients are able to shower without removing the boot. It is adjustable to account for swelling and compliant to lock on to the patient’s extremity. This boot is hygienic and washable, which is increasingly important with the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also affordable, as it is covered by most insurance. It is also adaptable with diabetic insoles.

This boot is lightweight and comfortable. The holes allow for the boot to be breathable while also allowing doctors to visually see the skin underneath in case more treatment is needed. This is valuable since other walking boots cover the entire area of skin, causing doctors to remove the cast in order to evaluate the skin underneath. This new walking boot from ActivArmor eliminates that need.

The graphic above shows how this new design offloads better than a total contact cast! Charcot foot is a rare but serious complication that can affect persons with peripheral neuropathy, especially those with diabetes mellitus. Charcot affects the bones, joints, and soft tissues of the foot or ankle. This cast accommodates patients with Charcot foot tremendously since it is adjustable and reusable. The video below shows the boot in action.