ActivArmor™ costs the same amount as traditional thermoplastic custom splints, and is covered by most insurance, depending on your plan.  Click the button above for direct-pay rates, or visit one of our providing clinics for direct-billing to your insurance!


ActivArmor is affordable, and costs less than the 2 traditional casts it normally replaces.  Patients can pay cash-direct on our website, and receive a receipt with the appropriate billing code to submit to your insurance for reimbursement, or you can visit one of our providing clinics to have your insurance billed directly.  How much you will pay depends on the state you are in, your insurance company’s negotiated rates with that clinic, if you have DME coverage, and your individual co-pay or deductible.

If you wish to become an ActivArmor providing clinic, contact us for wholesale rates.  In addition to DME revenues, your billing opportunities per hour are multiplied by doing a quick scan instead of the prep and mess of casting, the labor, inventory, and clean-up required.  An added bonus is that there is no need for labor and equipment in order to utilize, and bill for, advanced healing technologies like bone stimulators.

“After 9 years in orthopedics practice, I like providing ActivArmor. Because it saves us clinic staff time and improves our patient throughput. Patients’ skin condition is much better while they are healing, we get fewer complaints, replacements and adjustments, and the patient say it is worth every penny.”

— Dustin Jones, Licensed Orthotic Fitter / Fracture Casting Technician, Northeast Orthopedics.

“With ActivArmor, there’s no inventory.  All we have is this scanning device.  We send it off and it comes in a few days.  We don’t have all the casting supplies you typically need, so that’s a huge cost saver, and it’s a big cost saver to patients because they don’t need multiple fiberglass casts or splints, they just need one device and that’s all.  ActivArmor has increased patient visits, because when a kid is walking around with this cast, everyone sees it and wants to come here to get that same cast – because they see how active they can stay in it.  It’s been a real game-changer for our patients and our clinic in general, so I highly recommend it.”

– Jason Browder, P.A, Alpine Orthopaedics, Gunnison, CO

For patients, you avoid scary cast saws for exams and x-rays, and only need to pay once for ActivArmor, as it transitions into a removable splint throughout the healing phases – eliminating the need for multiple castings and splints.

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