13-year-old Kylee Menszak broke her wrist in gym class which would make her ineligible for her soccer season if she was placed in a traditional plaster cast. Thanks to St Lukes Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Dustin Green Greenhill, MD, she didn’t have to miss her season.

Kylee was able to be placed in ActivArmor’s 3D printed custom cast which allows her to remove the cast and wash off the sweat and dirt from playing soccer. It protects her broken wrist on and off the field while being waterproof and sanitizable. 

Kylee’s mom says this about ActivArmor, “Hopefully this is the last time her daughter will need to wear a cast, says Megan. But her two sons are athletes, too, and should one ever need a cast, she would want it to be ActivArmor”

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