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  ActivArmorTM launches the latest in digital casting technology and sanitizable casting at Motion is Medicine Sports Medicine in DFW (Dallas Fort Worth).

Pueblo, CO – January 17, 2022 – Innovative biomedical technology company, ActivArmorTM, has partnered with Motion is Medicine Sports Medicine to provide its next-Gen casting and bracing technology in the DFW metroplex.

ActivArmor’s 3D digital printed casts are the only sanitizable cast on the market, allowing patients to wash their hands during the Covid-19 global pandemic.  ActivArmor’s next-gen casts are completely custom – precisely fitting to each patient using a body scan, and designed per the doctor’s prescription, including the ability to expose post-surgical hardware or incisions, and adaptable for use with ultrasound bone stimulators and other advanced technologies.

ActivArmor orthoses are being prescribed for injuries like breaks, sprains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Charcot Foot, through their website and in top orthopedic clinics across the country and around the world. These clinics include St. Luke’s Medical Center, Colorado Institute of Sports Medicine, Washington Orthopaedic Center, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, Alpine Orthopedics, iOrtho, Central Indiana Orthopedics, Children’s Hospital Colorado, and Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute, to name a few.

Motion is Medicine’s reputation for providing holistic, honest and affordable healthcare with integrity is a perfect match for ActivArmor’s next-gen 3D digital casting technology. ActivArmor’s sweat-proof, waterproof, breathable, sanitizable casting system aligns with Motion is Medicine’s emphasis on the patient-first relationship.

“We are honored to work with Dr. Clearfield and his staff at Motion is Medicine”, says Diana Hall, Founder of ActivArmor. His commitment to finding and providing the latest in treatment options is a game changer for his athletes and patients.”

​Dr. Clearfield says, “At Motion is Medicine our focus is the patient, and we are always looking at the best options for patient care. For fracture management, a cast can be a depressing and activity-limiting device. With ActivArmor, I am able to keep my patients active, moving, and HAPPY all while allowing them to heal. It’s a win-win for the patient and their injury!”

​ActivArmor is currently available nationwide and internationally and covered by most insurance.  To find further information about ActivArmor products,


Diana Hall

2828 Granada Blvd

Pueblo, CO 81005