ActivArmorTM launches the first sanitizable, adjustable wrist trauma splints on the global market

Pueblo, CO – April 10, 2022 – Biomedical technology company, ActivArmorTM, has just released their latest patent-pending innovation in customized, sanitizable fracture-care, with an on-demand, waterproof wrist trauma splint.

ActivArmor’s 3D printed casts are the only sanitizable cast on the market, allowing patients to wash their hands during the Covid-19 global pandemic.  And now they have a customizable product for Emergency Room, Urgent Care and field use, with the same hygienic features.

These new inventory splints come in small and large sizes to fit both kids and adults, and have long and short options to accommodate most wrist and forearm fractures and injuries.  They have lockable, ratcheting straps that can be custom fitted for the unique shape of each patient’s limb, but are easily adjustable for changes in edema.  The splints can be applied in one minute, making them quick and convenient for busy E.R’s and Urgent Care clinics.

Some of the most common complaints from orthopedic providers is that the temporary splints applied in emergency settings are not sufficient – they loosen over time and are easily removed by the patient, which does not stabilize a fracture and can result in further bone displacement.  They get wet and dirty and trap bacteria against the skin, which encourages non-compliance with appropriately wearing their splints.  Patients cannot shower and wash or sanitize their hands – basic hygiene practices that are critical for health and safety.

Insta-Armor solves all of these problems.  It is washable and waterproof, and patients can shower and wash their hands.  It is easily adjustable for swelling, yet locks on to ensure compliance. It is protective, but still breathable.  It is easily heat-moldable in the microwave, hot water, an oven, or with a heat-gun in minutes for custom wrist positioning, if desired.

Insta-Armor is covered by insurance, with the same price-point as traditional splinting options, and provides great margins for providers.

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