ActivArmor Begins Producing Custom-fit, Low-Cost Reusable Face Masks that achieve a 98.9% – 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) test score. Click here to order yours today!

Become an ActivArmor™ Provider

Provide the Latest in Digital Medicine and Advanced Treatments

Any doctor is now able to provide their patients with the latest high-tech immobilization option with no additional time or expense by simply writing a prescription for an ActivArmor™ custom splint or by becoming an ActivArmor providing clinic. Because ActivArmor™ devices are custom designed and fabricated, physicians now have an infinite number of unique design options, including length, thickness, cut lines, exposure of bony protrusions or incisions, adaptability for use with complimentary healing technologies such as ultrasound and bone stimulators, TENS units, biomonitors, EMS, etc.

Set Yourself and Your Clinic Apart

Patients are looking for the improved lifestyle options provided by ActivArmor. The comfort, breathability, freedom, and ability to bathe and shower support patients' active lifestyles. Leave your competitors behind by being the exclusive provider of the latest in high-tech immobilization options!

“Say you have an incision there and you can actually look at the incision site without having to worry about taking the cast off and putting a new one back on… It makes it easier also to do ultrasound therapy, you know, you have a little window you can cut out and you have an ultrasound device that can stimulate bone healing… It actually decreases the bacterial level, because you can actually wash underneath.”
— Michael Fitzmaurice, MD, Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, Scottsdale, AZ

“ActivArmor was introduced to me by a fellow physician who had the same wrist injury. My first thought was ‘How come no one is doing this or has done this before? It’s brilliant! It’s water safe, much needed, and it just makes sense.’ ActivArmor is second to none when it comes to NextGen immobilization technology.”   Dr. Jim Smith

ActivArmor has increased patient visits, because when a kid is walking around with this cast, everyone sees it and wants to come here to get that same cast – because they see how active they can stay in it. It’s been a real game-changer for our patients and our clinic in general, so I highly recommend it.”

– Jason Browder, P.A, Alpine Orthopaedics, Gunnison, CO

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Referring physicians for ActivArmor™ have reported that their patients prefer it over traditional casting and splinting options for the following reasons:

  • Ability to get the device wet and sweat in it – allowing them to continue their sports, summer activities, and active lifestyles

  • Hygienic benefits including the ability to bathe and shower with it on

  • Reduced feelings of claustrophobia

  • Improved skin condition and comfort, and reduced irritation due to breathability and improved hygiene options

  • Reduced office time and visits for re-casting and re-fitting due to soggy casts, deformed splints or worn velcro

  • Patients can have access to post-surgical incisions for wound dressing and follow-up care at home

“The ActivArmor brace is the next generation of patient immobilization.  Custom fit, 3D printed, waterproof, and breathable!  All of the previous problems of inability to shower, swim or workout, itching, hygiene, and incision exposure are solved.  Patients will love the comfort and convenience of going back to a more normal life!”  – Benjamin Massey, MD

Saves Clinics Time and Materials

Using ActivArmor™ at any phase of the healing process can save clinic time because it is reusable, so eliminates the need for cutting off casts and recasting for each follow-up exam, incision check, or x-ray. There is no need for additional office visits and replacement casts due to claustrophobia, skin irritation, or wet casts. This can reduce office time and increase patient throughput and efficiencies as well as save money in casting and splinting supplies and inventory. Even if a traditional cast is required during the initial phase of an acute injury, ActivArmor™ can be used in later healing phases to give the patient the freedom to ease back into normal activities after injury. (See the below chart for direct product comparisons.)

“With ActivArmor, there’s no inventory. All we have is this scanning device. We send it off and it comes in a few days. We don’t have all the casting supplies you typically need, so that’s a huge cost saver, and it’s a big cost saver to patients because they don’t need multiple fiberglass casts or splints, they just need one device and that’s all.”

– Jason Browder, P.A, Alpine Orthopaedics, Gunnison, CO

Dr Craig Huston and Dr Brandon Beauchamp

Office Time Comparison: ActivArmor™ vs Traditional Cast or Custom Splint

For breaks and post-operative

Traditional ActivArmor™
E.R. visit, diagnosis and X-ray, fit with temporary splint same same

First Office Visit

Orthopedic exam and treatment decision same same
Casting, including drying time 45 0
Scan and upload 0 10
Re-apply temporary splint 0 5
Office visit in 3-4 days to apply ActivArmor™ n/a 5

Follow-up Exam 1

Removal of cast/splint 10 1
Examination and/or x-ray same same
Casting or custom splinting, including drying time 45 0
Re-apply ActivArmor™ (zip ties) 0 5

Follow-up Exam 2

Removal of cast/splint 15 1
Examination and/or x-ray same same
Total Office Time: 120 27

For custom splinting of chronic conditions

Traditional ActivArmor™
Orthopedic exam and treatment decision same same
Design, fit, and apply custom splint 45 0
Scan and upload 0 10
Re-apply temporary splint 0 5
ActivArmor device shipped directly to patient n/a n/a
Total Office Time: 45 15

If customer claims device does not fit

Traditional ActivArmor™
Removal of cast or device 10 1
Re-casting, adjusting custom splint 45 0
Re-scan and upload 0 10
Re-apply temporary splint 0 5
Office visit in 3-4 days to apply ActivArmor™ n/a 5
Total Office Time: 55 21

If device breaks/needs adjustment/cast gets wet

Traditional ActivArmor™
Removal of cast or device 10 1
Re-casting, adjusting custom splint 45 0
Call ActivArmor™ and request reprint 0 1
Apply temporary splint 0 5
Office visit in 3-4 days to apply ActivArmor™ n/a 5
Total Office Time: 55 12

If patient removes device before treatment period is completed

Traditional ActivArmor™
Re-casting, adjusting custom splint 45 0
Re-apply ActivArmor™ 0 5
Total Office Time: 45 5

How Do I Refer A Patient For ActivArmor™

Doctors can send their patients with a prescription including the diagnosis code and any special design or specific fit instructions for an ActivArmor™ custom orthosis to one of our partnering clinics, or apply to become a partnering clinic themselves.

*Use Indications
ActivArmor™ devices are labeled for external, non-sterile use to provide support, stability, and immobilization for extremities. ActivArmor™ has not been formally tested for acute injuries and is not intended to provide bone-level strength to the extremity. The physician or non-physician provider (NPP) – therapist, NP, PA-C etc. should determine the appropriate use, time, duration and intensities, for the medical condition.
The ActivArmor™ devices are to be used at the sole risk of the consumer, and are not labeled for use with injuries requiring physician oversight or for acute injuries. ActivArmor™ is not responsible for injury or adverse healing outcomes from device use or misuse.
WARNING: ActivArmor is not suggested for use when there is acute edema or may be present in the future. For athletes, the sport coating is recommended for activities that incur high force impact or torque on the device.  Use according to doctor’s orders.

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