16 year pro hockey veteran, Nate DiCasmirro broke his hand during a hockey game. It wasn’t just good luck that quickly got him back on the ice.

In December of 2016, professional hockey player, Nate DiCasmirro suffered a broken hand during a game with JDD Jessince (Slovenia) in the Alps Hockey League.

“I blocked a shot, [and] the puck hit me right above my right thumb joint. I had to have surgery to repair it and they put in 2 screws.”

Normally, an injury like this can set into motion a slow and sometimes season-ending recovery. Surgery alone is no walk in the park but the process of having a joint in a traditional cast is restrictive. The prospect of getting a cast wet alone is a deal-breaker for any athlete. Sweat and physical therapy which often includes water therapy make traditional casts a bane.

After breaking my hand, I needed something that would be waterproof and strong enough for me to continue to train while my hand healed. ActivArmor allowed me to keep training and skating while my hand was recovering. Once I was cleared to play hockey again, I had been on the ice and training for weeks, which allowed me to stay in shape and not miss anytime getting back into ‘game shape’. I feel with ActivArmor I was able to return at least 2-3 weeks early. Even my team doctor and coach were a bit surprised I was ready to play.”

3D printed everything seems to be the wave of the future, and custom-fit devices are changing the face of medicine. ActivArmor 3D printed casts and splints are field tested and commercially available. It’s no secret in the NHL, NFL, NBA and other professional sports leagues that in the face of a broken bone, having access to an ActivArmor clinic can spell the difference between performance or a long stint on the bench.

What really sets ActivArmor apart from others is the fact that it is covered by most insurance plans, is listed with the FDA, and providing clinics are rapidly spreading across the United States. It’s easy for any doctor to prescribe and it makes both the patient and doctor’s lives/jobs easier.

Athlete Testimonials

See what other athletes are saying about ActivArmor™

“I’m a huge supporter of ActivArmor. If you have a broken wrist, and you’re looking for a new, innovative way for an accelerated recovery to get back on the field or court, this is the way to go. Check it out. Go, ActivArmor!”
~ Antwon Burton, Denver Broncos
“The ActivArmor brace – you can wash with it, sleep with it, you can remove it for therapy, or you can use it for short term or long term immobilization. I think it’s a great product! I received mine in about 24 hours. It fits perfectly, goes on and off very easily, I just think that they would’ve really helped us as players of our generation, had this stuff been available.”
~ Don Summers, Tight End – Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers
“Swimming was a success this weekend with my new [ActivArmor]! I was able to swim the longest distance yet since my injury and without pain! It’s a miracle for me, I’d given up on ever doing that again!”
~ Nadia Sullivan, Competitive Triathlete
“My brace has given me the freedom to do things I couldn’t do with a standard cast while giving me the support I need to protect my wrist fracture. I love it and would recommend it to anyone with any problem requiring extra support!”
~ Adam Cianciarulo, Pro Circuit Rider

Developed by top sports medicine doctors and athletes, ActivArmor™ is especially suited for those looking to get back to training faster.

ActivArmor™ VS Traditional Casts

Traditional Cast Options

Non-Waterproof Traps Bacteria

Heavy, Bulky, Stuffy

Ugly, Smelly

ActivArmor™ Outperforms

Waterproof & Breathable

Lightweight & Comfortable

Modern & Customized

ActivArmor™ Process

Simple three-step patented process

Precise 3D Scan

Accurate to the 0.5 mm for perfect, personalized fit
Performed on-site
Quick scan – approximately 30 seconds
Painless – touch-free and eye safe white-light

Custom Design

Per the instructions of the physician regarding the unique needs of the patient
Proven designs by top sports medicine professionals and orthopedic surgeons
Tested product with positive feedback from over 500 patients and athletes

Fast Delivery

As little as 2 business day turn around time
Proprietary: Trade Secret manufacturing and finishing process