ActivArmor Begins Producing Custom-fit, Low-Cost Reusable Face Masks that achieve a 98.9% – 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) test score. Click here to order yours today!

ActivArmorTM comes to Fort Worth Physical Therapy!

What is it?

ActivarmorTM is a waterproof, breathable, 3D printed splint/cast that allows you to continue on with your daily activities while still immobilizing your injury. Each one is custom fit to your own unique body and designed for your injury making it specific to each and every person.

Andrew L. said, “ActivArmor has changed my life. I was diagnosed with severe nerve damage by my doctor and needed to be put into a cast. My nerve damage is extensive and will take a year or more to heal but I can still work out, shower, wash dishes, go into a pool and more thanks to ActivArmor’s new Cast, I simply love it. If I could be in a commercial or video telling people about it, I would. It’s very comfortable and is very snug it does everything a cast does but you skin breathes and you can get it wet — it’s great!”



While wearing the 3D printed cast you are more easily able to get back to what you were doing before (with your doctor’s permission, of course.) You can maintain your active lifestyle without any hassle. You can go swimming and take showers without the plastic bag shenanigan. Your custom splint will be breathable, and since it is made entirely from plastic, there is no problem getting it wet, muddy, or sweaty. You can do most things that you could never do with a normal cast, and it’s more hygienic. Since your skin is still visible you can directly wash it unlike a conventional cast.

Use of ActivArmorTM

The splint is not only used for breaks; it has many purposes like, nerve damage, sprains, and chronic conditions (like carpal tunnel). As you can see ActivArmorTM has many uses, it allows for easy access, it’s waterproof, effective, and covered by most insurance. It’s the new and improved cast.

ActivarmorTM is very different from your average cast for a number or reasons, such as

  • Waterproof (you can go swimming, take showers, wash dishes, etc.)
  • Comfortable (fits you and only you specifically)
  • Effective (completely immobilize the injured area)
  • Covered by  most insurance