Before you make a referral for ActivArmor, we ask that you take the time to understand the basics of the ActivArmor Customized Design and Fabrication System.

Understanding the ActivArmor™ Customized Design and Fabrication System

The proprietary ActivArmor™ process includes a scan (precise to 0.5 mm), creating a 3D model of the patient’s limb, and designs a completely individualized and fitted splint based on the physician’s specific positioning and instructions for each patient’s unique needs. The ActivArmor™ device is then custom fabricated for the patient from 100% ABS plastic.

ActivArmor™ is a support device custom fit to each patient’s unique body, mapped to the contours of the limb or injuries requiring stabilization and support.

ActivArmor™ uses (3D) 3-dimensional mapping of the injured limb to create the exact fit for the client unlike other methods of immobilization (low temperature thermoplastic or progressive layers of tape molded directly upon the client).

Unlike traditional cast and immobilization methods ActivArmor™ is custom fabricated using a high temperature thermosetting plastic yielding the unique ActivArmor™ immobilization device.

What's Unique About ActivArmor™?

  • The exact fit allows the tissues to remain in the desired position for optimal rest and healing.
  • Custom design allows doctors the freedom to immobilize or free-up specific areas which is not possible with prefabricated devices.
  • Observation of skin condition is performed easily.
  • Allows the client to bathe and also swim without concern for the ActivArmor™ device losing its ability to provide support.
  • The ActivArmor™ device can be made to be either easily removable or be semi-permanent as prescribed.
  • Reduces the need for maintaining product inventory and/or the storage of prefabricated devices.

Common Uses for ActivArmor™?

Hand Based Thumb Spica

HCPCS II Description:
HFO – Hand Finger Immobilization
Orthosis – Custom Fabricated

Common L3913 Diagnoses*:

  • Thumb Fractures/Dislocations
  • Hand Metacarpal Fractures
  • Thumb MP Collateral Ligament injuries (e.g. skier’s thumb)
  • Basal Joint Arthritis/Instability (TMC joint)
  • Peripheral Nerve Injuries (anti-deformity)

Wrist Cock-up

HCPCS II Description:
WHO – Wrist Hand Immobilization
Orthosis – Custom Fabricated

Common L3900 Diagnoses*:

  • Wrist Fracture (distal radius/ulna)
  • Wrist Sprain
  • Mid Carpal Instability
  • Scapho-lunate Instability
  • SLAC Wrist
  • DRUJ Injury/Instability
  • TFCC Injury/Repair
  • Wrist Tendonitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Median or Ulnar Nerve Repairs
  • Radian Nerve Palsy/Injury

Thumb Spica/MP Blocking

HCPCS II Description:
WHFO – Wrist Hand Finger Immobilization
Orthosis – Custom Fabricated

Common L3808 Diagnoses*:

  • Scaphoid Fractures Wrist/Thumb Tendonitis (e.g. Dequervain’s tenosynovitis)
  • Collateral Ligament Injuries
  • Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Peripheral Nerve Injuries

Will ActivArmor™ Fit Properly?

Because ActivArmor™ is created from an accurate scan of the patient’s unique body contours, the device is custom fit and fabricated per the physician’s positioning and design orders.

How Do I Refer A Patient For ActivArmor™

Doctors can send their patients with a prescription including the diagnosis code and any special design or specific fit instructions for an ActivArmor™ custom orthosis to one of our partnering clinics, or apply to become a partnering clinic themselves.

*Use Indications
ActivArmor™ devices are labeled for external, non-sterile use to provide support, stability, and immobilization for extremities. ActivArmor™ has not been formally tested for acute injuries and is not intended to provide bone-level strength to the extremity. The physician or non-physician provider (NPP) – therapist, NP, PA-C etc. should determine the appropriate use, time, duration and intensities, for the medical condition.
The ActivArmor™ devices are to be used at the sole risk of the consumer, and are not labeled for use with injuries requiring physician oversight or for acute injuries. ActivArmor™ is not responsible for injury or adverse healing outcomes from device use or misuse.
WARNING: ActivArmor is not suggested for use when there is acute edema or may be present in the future. For athletes, it is not intended for use in activities that incur high force impact or torque on the device; competition or training but for recovery and off-field use.

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