ActivArmor Begins Producing Custom-fit, Low-Cost Reusable Face Masks that achieve a 98.9% – 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) test score. Click here to order yours today!

ActivArmor is proud to present our new line: Custom Functional Thumb Support Splints!

Our new functional thumb support splints stabilize the basal joint of the thumb and place the thumb in a functional position, for optimal hand function and reducing pain and loss of strength.

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The Coolest Thing, The Future is Here!

When Levi broke his arm he wasn't happy with the itchy, cast claustrophobia causing, traditional cast he started with. His parents discovered ActivArmor at Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute and now Levi is very excited to be wearing his cool, futuristic ActivArmor!

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