Waterproof, Custom 3D Printed Casts and Splints

You Have Casting Options!

When you have a broken bone, you can choose a custom fit, waterproof 3D printed cast for the remainder of your healing, just as soon as your fracture is stabilized and your swelling goes down.  Visit an ActivArmor Provider today!

Your Clinic Can Provide ActivArmor Today!

Utilize your own printers for on-site fabrication. Get started now with our free iPhone app!

What is ActivArmor™?

ActivArmor is the only waterproof, breathable, sanitizable custom plastic cast in the U.S. consumer marketplace. It empowers patients with the freedom to be able to stay safe and maintain their active lifestyles.

Custom Fabricated

Designs specifically for each patient’s unique injury or condition and lifestyle. Custom fabricated to within 1 mm of your native anatomy.

Fixed or Removable

Locked on like a cast or easily removable like a splint, per doctor’s orders.  Converts from a cast to a splint through the healing phases.

Great for Kids

Kids love the colorful options and comfort. It’s breathable and does not trap bacteria.


Shower, bathe or swim as you normally would. Easy to clean dirt, sweat and grime.  Sanitize your hands.

Stay Active

ActivArmor™ allows you to continue to be active while you are healing from your injuries, and can reduce downtime in your active lifestyle and/or training.

Covered by Insurance

ActivArmor™ is covered by most insurance plans and is affordable or even free for patients, depending on their individual coverage, with great profit margins for clinics.

Available in the USA

ActivArmor™ is the only sanitizable cast on the market and is FDA listed.

Waterproof* / Comfortable

Participate in daily activities such as bathing and showering; convenient for children or those with mobility problems.

Easy to Prescribe

No need for casting materials or splint inventory. All you need is a printer, and you can create fully custom designs in minutes!

Great Results

Listed with FDA as a Class 1 splint, doctors love the patient outcomes and patients love the faster recovery. ISO-10993 certified for biocompatibility.

Made in the USA

ActivArmor casts are fabricated at point-of-care, and were developed by an EDWOSB American entrepreneur.

Recyclable & Sustainable

Save medical waste with our re-usable casts.  When you no longer have a need for your ActivArmor™ custom splint, rest assured you can recycle it and help keep our planet beautiful.

Doctors Love ActivArmor™

ActivArmor saves physicians time and increases clinic efficiencies by reducing cast removals, material inventory, recasting, and skin irritation complaints.

Turnkey – No Expertise Needed

Scan with your iphone in your office, design with easy-to-use cloud-based software for quick point-of-care fabrication.

Very Easy to Prescribe

it really is…

You can become an ActivArmor partnering clinic

Increase Traffic to Clinics

Your patients become walking billboards for your practice, marketing for you while they heal.


Utilize your existing printers for no up-front cost, or purchase our affordable turnkey package

Clinics are viewed as innovative, and are given the opportunity to provide patients with the latest in high tech healing options with little-or-no equipment cost.

Advanced Treatments

Provide your patients with the latest in high-tech immobilization, custom adapted for advanced healing technologies like ultrasound, bone and muscle stimulators and TENS units.

Advanced Treatments

Any doctor can do it
Because ActivArmor™ devices are custom designed and fabricated, physicians and patients now have an infinite number of unique design options.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients prefer ActivArmor™ over traditional casting and splinting options.

Patient Satisfaction

Patients can stay active
Referring physicians for ActivArmor™ have reported that their patients prefer it over traditional casting and splinting options.

Why Invest in ActivArmor?