ActivArmor Custom Orthosis

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You or your medical provider can simply use the app* to scan your body and order your custom cast or splint.


ActivArmor Costs less than 2 traditional casts!*

*Average casting material/labor

ActivArmor replaces multiple casts and splints throughout healing phases.

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Guaranteed delivery in 4 business days or less!

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a Chronic Condition or Support

(not an injury under a provider’s care)
and do not have or need a prescription for my order.

an Acute Injury (like a fracture)

under my provider’s care, and I have a written prescription that I can upload for approval.

an Acute Injury (like a fracture)

under my provider’s direct supervision and would like to use the online prescription form.

accessories or other addons

Order transition kits, zip ties, sleeves, or other ActivArmor Addons.

I need to find a provider to prescribe ActivArmor

Find a provider near you using our list of known ActivArmor providers.