ActivArmor™ Testimonials

“Literally couldn’t do it without you!!!” – Elizabeth West, Ironman World Championships Competitor

“I got mine today and it’s just what I needed for a wrist that’s been bothering me for a month. I tried several other splints but this one is custom made to exactly fit my arm and it’s great!!!” – B.J.

“After breaking my wrist and having to have surgery, I thought I wouldn’t be able work as a lifeguard this summer. But thanks to ActivArmorTM, I’m able to be in a cast to heal my wrist and still be able to lifeguard and get in the water whenever, and how ever many times needed!” – Shawn, 19

“The ActivArmor™ brace is the next generation of patient immobilization. Custom fit, 3D printed, waterproof, and breathable! All of the previous problems of inability to shower, swim or workout, itching, hygiene, and incision exposure are solved. Patients will love the comfort and convenience of going back to a more normal life!” – Dr. Benjamin Massey, MD

“The splint is great! I know I can have something I can take on and off if I need, but I really just like wearing it. Doesn’t restrict me too much and allows me to do more with comfort. Thank you again so much!” – Matthew M., 19, Longboarder and College Student

“Out and about with my ActivArmor™ cast… I have sent more people to your site than you can believe. Everyone asks about it and I love telling your story. Thank you for giving me back my summer. I have been boating, swimming everyday, paddle-boarding, kayaking, and rafting since I got my cast. I am able to shower, and unfortunately do dishes. I can wash my dogs, and hose down my hogs. If when I am throwing hay, it shakes out of the cast. It is not smelly either. My baby Toy Chihuahua loves to chew on it. I just wish I had more than one color to coordinate with my clothes. But I am always answering questions about it and sending people to your site.” – Laura K.

“Swimming was a success this weekend with my new [ActivArmor™]! I was able to swim the longest distance yet since my injury and without pain! It’s a miracle for me, I’d given up on ever doing that again!” – Nadia Sullivan, Competitive Triathlete

“My son, Robert, is a very active child: water skiing, climbing, baseball, swimming, you name it and as such he injured his arm the first week of summer vacation. Knowing his injury required a cast, we assumed Robert would miss out on all of the summer fun with his friends. He was going to have to wear a stinky itchy cast like his sister did before him. given that Robert had just been invited to a pool party, I asked the doctor if there were any options. When the doctor prescribed an ActivArmor™ cast we were thrilled! ActivArmor™ was the answer to what would’ve been a dreary summer otherwise. My son said it was very comfortable to wear. He loved being able to shower with the cast on. No smell, no discomfort, and no irritated/itchy skin.” – Jane Sefcovic

” ActivArmor™ was introduced to me by a fellow physician who had the same wrist injury. My first thought was ‘How come no one is doing this or has done this before? It’s brilliant! It’s water safe, much needed, and it just makes sense.’ ActivArmor™ is second to none when it comes to NextGen immobilization technology.” – Dr. Jim Smith

“My brace has given me the freedom to do things I couldn’t do with a standard cast while giving me the support I need to protect my wrist fracture. I love it and would recommend it to anyone with any problem requiring extra support!” – Adam Cianciarulo, Pro Circuit Rider

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